Racing quadcopter drones are used for racing purposes unlike other classes of drones which can have different uses in today's world. The concept and the working of the racing drones are, however, the same as that seen in the normal drones. One thing that makes the racing drones different from the other drones, other than their purpose, is their flying speeds. The racing drones are designed to achieve more speeds, unlike their counterparts.


The reason why speeds may not be necessary for other classes of drones is the fact that they are used for missions that are critical and which require the controllers to ensure that the drones are directed to the right position before they can perform those tasks for which the drones are intended for. Drones such as those used to perform military attacks can only drop their offenses once the target location is established. Navigating such drones at higher speeds than necessary could mean the drones miss the targets and this could be catastrophic.


The drones that are used in the filming industry rarely will they be used to traverse long distances in the sky since they are required to record as much information as possible. For them, speed will be unnecessary since that would imply that details of what is being graphically recorded could be missed. However, racing drones need speed and this speed is affected by two factors namely the motors and the shape of the drones.


The shape of a drone is crucial in the sense that it can work to increase or decrease the speed of a racing quadcopter drone. When the shape of ready to fly quads is less streamlined, the drone will face more air resistance when it is navigating in the space and this will greatly slow it down. Such a drone would be unideal for racing purposes. Streamlined drones are however the right kind of drones to use for racing purposes.


The other important determinant of how fast the fpv drone would move is the speed of its motors. The faster the motors the faster the drone will move in the air medium. Motors that are also too energy intensive are also unideal since they are heavy and will make the drones unnecessarily heavy for their optimal performance. Motors that are also smaller in size will give make the drones lighter and this will ensure that these drones are fast to control and navigate.